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Why you need a marketing system


Our team will conduct a comprehensive audit of your current online marketing efforts.


We’ll help you prioritize and integrate the most effective marketing channels for your business today.


Once the foundation is built, we’ll help you ignite new growth channels and opportunities.

Let Us Develop a Comprehensive
 Marketing Plan Just for You

Strategy and tactics must go hand in hand in order for a business to achieve a measure of true momentum, but an effective strategy must be in place before any set of tactics make sense. Once you develop a marketing strategy that is perfect for your business you’ll suddenly discover that:

  1. You can attract clients that are ideal for you
  2. You can stand out in ways that make the competition irrelevant
  3. You can know confidently what to do and what not to do
  4. Clients will expect to pay a premium to work with you
  5. You can identify the most profitable ways for you to attract new business

What a Strategy Engagement Includes

  1. Initial getting started discovery meeting
  2. Core message and ideal client persona development
  3. Editorial plan
  4. Customer journey map
  5. Competitive landscape
  6. Priority growth recommendations
  7. Presentation of findings’

The entire process takes about 20-40 days and involves meetings with you and your team. 

When you receive our strategy findings you’ll have a clear direction for standing out and attracting the ideal client and a roadmap of the most effective tactics to support your strategy. At that point, you can take the roadmap and implement the plan with your team or hire Duct Tape Marketing as your outsourced marketing department.Enter your text here…

    We Partner With You

    A lot of small business owners hear about the latest trends in online marketing—AI, paid search, marketing automation—and begin to feel overwhelmed. There are already so many channels and tactics to consider, and it seems like there are new ones each day.

    Of course, in an ideal world, your business would be taking advantage of all the available channels. But there’s no point in trying to jump ahead to the latest and greatest technology if you don’t have the basics under control.

    That’s why we propose a specific model for marketing maturity. Made up of three stages—build, grow, and ignite—it encourages businesses to start with a solid foundation and work their way up to the final stage where all channels are being used, and you’re optimizing and maximizing your existing marketing assets.

    Done for you packages with a set price

    Our consulting is based on your unique business needs and budget. Here are a few of our example packages.

    We start by creating your perfect marketing strategy

    Phase 1

    Phase 1

    Phase 1

    Phase 1

    Then we build the right ongoing implementation
    package for your business

    Phase 2

    Phase 2

    Phase 2

    Phase 2

    Need to build a local foundation first?
    Ask about our Local Foundation Package